The stone observed in Rome from the fountains to the elegant palazzos and from the Colosseum to St Peter's Basilica is invariably travertine.

This stone is found in greatest abundance where hot and cold springs have been active for millenia. The most famous travertine quarry is Bagni di Tivoli, 20km east of Rome where thick travertine deposits (90m) have been quarried for the last 2000 years.

Product Uses

  • Travertine has been the structural stone of choice for ancient Roman buildings.

  • In modern times the Lincoln Centre in New York and the ABC Entertainment Centre in Los Angeles have been clad with travertine from the Tivoli quarry.
  • Although travertine appears porous with its gaps, bubbles and inclusions it is much less permeable than marble, limestone and some sandstones and therefore stronger.
  • Rural Stone Company are pleased to offer a range of travertine to suit a particular colour palate and desired processing techniques.
  • Tumbled travertine has a rough, textured finish and is achieved by 'tumbling' the stone in a barrel with rocks, abrasive grit and lubricant.
  • Travertine is composed of calcium carbonate and is therefore susceptible to acid-based products and requires sealing and the use of a specific natural stone cleaner to maintain its integrity.


French Pattern Paving Stock Item

610x405x30 mm
405x405x30 mm
405x202x30 mm
202x202x30 mm

Large French Pattern Available By Order

914x610x30 mm
610x610x30 mm
610x405x30 mm
405x405x30 mm

Jumbo French Pattern RSC WA Showroom Floor

1371x914x30 mm
914x914x30 mm
914x457x30 mm
457x457x30 mm

Large format tiles available on request :


1000x600x30 mm


610x305x30 mm single

Custom sizes to order


915x457x12 mm
610x610x12 mm
457x457x12 mm

Standard Tuscany Tile Sizes

610x610x12 mm
610x305x12 mm
457x457x12 mm

We are experts in Travertine custom orders please enquire for other sizes not listed here.

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